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ExoClick advertising for webmasters
Value for money online advertising for Adult sites. Choose from PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) and get your site listed and advertised on the top worldwide adult websites.

Gay Dating
Why not find the man of your dreams, or get in touch with other men for fun and friendship. It’s free to join GayFlirt and flirt online with gay men. UK Gay Dating Sites

Granny Flirt
Join in with the latest niche dating trend and get to know a granny, with granny dating from Granny Flirt. Liberated grandmothers have now found a way to meet younger men online. The site is adult in nature, so only join if you are open minded about seeing naked older women.

Hot Girlz
This is where guys can sometimes think they have arrived in Heaven, and can take their pick of any of the gorgeous girls at HotGirlz. The site is packed with girls and women of all ages from 18 to 80 looking for a “date” with a guy just like you. Heaveny Hot Girls is UK only and FREE to join.

Forbidden Flirt
The UK’s top online dating site that’s designed for married people to try online dating or flirting, yet still stay in their relationship. Many married couples are finding the need for some outside contact with someone of the opposite sex.

Our Time
Ourtime is the dating site for young older people in the UK, from You’ll find local singles in your own age group for friendship and dating.

Adult Dating at XD8
The trouble with too many dating sites is that they are too global to actually be useful for anyone seriously looking for a mate to hook up with. XD8 is different because it is totally for the UK. Only UK members are accepted – XD8 refuse to let anyone outside the UK join. This means that actual sexy liaisons are more likely. It’s free to join, but pretty darned sexy.

International FLIRT
A unique FUN site which allows you to sign up for free, and flirt “no strings attached” with anyone, anywhere in the world. You can flirt, chat, be saucy, be naughty and all from the privacy of your room.

Posh Flirt – Sugar Daddy dating
This is where you can find your dream date. Someone who is attractive, sexual and loaded (with cash too). Meet rich people online, flirt, join their lifestyle. It’s easy. Free to join.

Adult Friend Finder
Sex and Swinger Personals Community. Find partners for hot Sexual Encounters and Adult Dating. Chat and email other sexually-liberated members anonymously. 40,000,000 members – the biggest Adult Network in the world.

UK Dating
UKDating is a vibrant and busy UK dating website sitting on the UdateME platform. It’s free to join and full membership is great value for money.

Looking to spice up your sex life? You’ll find someone at date69 – there are loads of people waiting to meet you – over a million like minded adults all searching for people like you.

Hot UK adult dating for UK adults and singles. The grown up version of UdateME UK. They pick out the really hot women and present them in an engaging way. Designed for 18 to 29 year olds only.

This is a quality dating site, where the best people meet. If you want the right person first time, this is for you. Parship matches couples on the basis of personality and compatibility using psychometric testing.

Code Hot Dating
Fully featured dating site for UK singles. Free registration and comes highly recommended.

Gourmet Dating
Dating for Food Lovers. A great foodie inspired dating site for UK singles who are seeking lunchtime or dinner time partners to share some good food with. If you love food you’ll love Gourmet Dating.


Dirty Diary
Paddy has been a member of Xflirt for a few years and used it as a place to mix socially, online with as many women as he could. He wrote to us asking if he might be the "record holder" for taking over 2 years to find the right match. In fact Paddy, you are not alone. We have had members signed up for 5 years or more and they still haven't taken the plunge to stick with one partner. The nice thing about is that members can lie dormant for as long as they want, not having to pay anything for membership fees. You only pay when you actively want to connect with someone. Paddy is so happy he found Patricia but admits that it causes confusion if someone shouts out PAT and they don't know who they are addressing - Patricia or Patrick.
Patricia and Paddy - Stourbridge


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