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I fancy my wife’s sister

I’m in a bit of a predicament and wonder if you could help?
I get on well with my wife, but her sister has been showing an interest in me and saying flirty things.
I recently had a casual kiss with the sister which went a bit tongue intense, and now I can’t stop thinking about her.
I feel I want to take it a bit further. How can I do this without it turning bad?

It could all turn bad if you are not careful. We know how hard it is to resist the temptation of forbidden fruit.
You need to find out what the sister is after – does she want a quick fumble and a shag?
What is her relationship like with your wife – would she go with you to get at her? If so she’d just be using you.
You need to find time to talk to her before you act, as no-body wants to get hurt, especially you.
Hopefully the sister will say she loves you both and wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, and she’s happy to risk sleeping with you just for fun.

The trouble is that once you do that it might become a habit and fingers (and willies) can get burned.

In an ideal world the 2 women will agree to be really nice to you and let you have a sexy sister-sandwich threesome.

Dirty Diary
Paddy has been a member of Xflirt for a few years and used it as a place to mix socially, online with as many women as he could. He wrote to us asking if he might be the "record holder" for taking over 2 years to find the right match. In fact Paddy, you are not alone. We have had members signed up for 5 years or more and they still haven't taken the plunge to stick with one partner. The nice thing about Xflirt.co.uk is that members can lie dormant for as long as they want, not having to pay anything for membership fees. You only pay when you actively want to connect with someone. Paddy is so happy he found Patricia but admits that it causes confusion if someone shouts out PAT and they don't know who they are addressing - Patricia or Patrick.
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